The workshop Leipzig Linguistic Networks Meeting aims to bring together researchers who are dealing with graph-based modeling and network analysis in different fields of science and humanities. The workshop will be informal, i.e. there is no call for papers, no proceedings etc. The meeting is planned to be a basis to get to know, for discussion, exchange about ongoing work in the area and to discover possibilities for co-operation.

Time: Tuesday 26.01.2010
Place: Mediencampus, Poetenweg 28, Leipzig, Germany


This workshop focuses on graph-based methods and applications for data analysis and modeling. Network-based modeling and analysis has been shown to be a very useful approach to a wide range of problems from very different sciences. The meeting shall bring together the expertise of researchers from different fields of science and humanities — e.g. linguistics, computer science, philology, physics, ancient history — to get a interdisciplinary perspective on the common aspects and differences of network-based modeling and applications.