Leipzig is a vital city with an outstanding history and a vibrant cultural and scientific life. Visitors to Leipzig are happily surprised again and again by wonderful sights, plenty of extraordinary shops, various leisure activities, Leipzig’s history and legends. Most of all Leipzig’s guests are amazed by the legendary Saxon hospitality. Leipzig: the warm-hearted city with its finger on the pulse of the times. Leipzig is well connected to international airways, high-speed trains and autobahn.

The LLBN 2010 workshop takes place in the Mediencampus of the Leipzig Media Foundation. The Mediencampus surrounds the Villa Ida. The villa was built as a country set in historical style in 1893 (and named after the owner’s wife Ida). It is surrounded by its garden and resides in Gohlis, one of the most famous quarters of Leipzig. Its intimate atmosphere is best suited for vital discussion and exchange in visualization research.

Workshop Location:
Mediencampus Leipzig
Poetenweg 28
04155 Leipzig

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